In cooperation with banks and leasing companies, we offer you the possibility to lease or finance the following products:

  • · Autogas systems, including installation and licensing
  • · Heavy-goods vehicle, including installed Truck Gas System and licensing
  • · Filling stations on-site at forwarding companies

At present (June 2011), an interest rate of 5.40% for a term of 48 months is available for a Truck Gas System.
As of the ninth month there is the option to pay off the loan completely or partially with a special payment.

Generally, the costs of the autogas systems and upgrading refinance themselves through the savings on fuel.
There are no additional financial means necessary. It is possible to say that the purchaser gives himself the system as a present.

Without any upgrading, the previous fuel costs will continue to remain as they are without any prospect for savings.

The possibility for financing outside of Germany is in the works.