Advantages of autogas and good reasons

What is autogas?

It is a knock-proof fuel, composed of liquefied gases (propane, butane), which is stored at 5-10 bar pressure.

Autogas is also referred to as LPG.

LPG is the abbreviation for the English term "liquefied petroleum gas".

Cost advantage

Autogas is distinctly cheaper than other common fuels.
This is also due to the favourable tax rate that is guaranteed in Germany until 2018.

In the case of passenger cars, up to 50% can be saved in fuel costs if a sensible manner of driving is practiced.

In terms of commercial vehicles, the possible savings are around 35%, depending of course upon the manner of driving.

Environmental advantage

Autogas (LPG) burns more cleanly than benzine or diesel. Air pollutants are released at substantially lower concentrations.
Motors operated with autogas run much more quietly.

Even more speaks in favour of autogas:

  • · Low upgrade costs
  • · Short upgrade time
  • · Low additional maintenance costs
  • · Europe-wide filling station network
  • · Increased range through multiple-fuel (passenger car) or diesel/LPG operation
  • · Increased vehicle value